Epix Interactive looking for positions on an MMORPG for XBox

As of December 11th 2000, Epix Interactive Studios inc. has the following positions available.

1. Business Manager- Must have understanding of marketing, online advertising, some PR skills/experience, and the motivation to work for an up and coming game development


Job Responsibilities: Interaction with Companies whom wish to have websites designed/hosted. Interaction with people who need small business software programmed and/or debugged. Will keep in close contact with the President of the company, as well as offer input on the business aspect of our upcoming MMORPG for a next gen console (Microsoft's XBox).

Salary: Position is contract based, with generous commission based on your ability to secure jobs/projects for our affiliates.

Potential: Be in on the ground floor of a company with very high aspirations and the industry connections to achieve them. Also the potential to work in-house in the future, as well as valuable resume experience. Work environment is creative and friendly.


2. C++ Programmer- Must have knowledge of C++, and a willingness to work hard now, for a greater goal in the future.

Programmer will be working on a demo for 2-3 months, with Microsoft support, will achieve funding in stages. Game Design is already completed. Work is contract based, with long term employment guaranteed when funding comes.

Looking for persons with a professional attitude, creative and hard working, and who wants to join a company with high aspirations and the willingness and professional contacts to achieve them. We only want people who want to join a team to work on a promising game, not those whom are only after money.


3. 3D Artist- Must have working knowledge of 3D studio Max, and adequate talent to create characters suitable for a commercial MMORPG. Also must possess some texture talent.


4. 3D Animator- Must have experience with animating objects in 3D studio Max.

Please send any resumes (along with example work) to [email protected]

Because I'm sure people will have a few questions before they spend the time to email portfolios, etc, I'll try and think up a few questions to answer ahead of time. I'll be as

straightforward as possible

1. The Company- Epix Interactive Studios was officially founded earlier this year. Several members where unofficially throwing together ideas as early as late summer 1999. We are

officially licensed type C corporation in the state of Delaware. We work out of Chicago, but most work is done based on contract, and virtual development is (unfortunately) the only choice we have at this point.

2. What do we do- We started off as doing web design, and now we are currently in development (just got out of the planning stage) of a MMORPG for a next gen console (XBox). We have talked to Microsoft, as well as various other industry contacts. We are looking for a team to put some time to assist us in creating a demo, and joining the Epix team to create this game. All Design documents are completed.

3. Why should I even bother trying this? It's a risk, isn't it?

The biggest risk is not taking one =) We are a company that knows exactly what we want. We have several very creative members, and some real talent. WE are just looking for

more people to add to our immediate family. Our ultimate dream is to have a very personal company atmosphere, where ideas can be freely thrown around, and great games can be made. This is also a great chance for those persons without any game design

experience to break into the industry. Because we are limited in what we can offer you (at this time) we can take chances with people without published games in their resumes, or

those programmers just getting out of school, or about to finish school. Our company is also valuable resume experience.

Thanks for hearing me out, and for anyone kinda so/so interested, contact me via ICQ or email and I'll be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Joseph M Torengari

[email protected]

ICQ- 17721718


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