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Top 10 Project Management Predictions for 2016

StellaStella texasMember Posts: 6

Here come the top 10 predictions of project management to watch out for 2016.


  • Lina OstoroukhLina Ostoroukh Member Posts: 2

    Not bad article. Although I'm reading it in 2017, I gotta say that you've pretty much nailed it. I personally work for Easy Projects all the points mentioned here, we were concerned about, especially mobility. It is a big thing in modern world

  • Rameez RamzanRameez Ramzan Member Posts: 5

    5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2017

    1. Agile project management will gain acceptance outside of software development.
    2. There will be a pivot that emphasizes nontraditional collaboration tools over traditional project management software.
    3. “NPD PPM” won’t just be jargon anymore.
    4. Emotional intelligence will be the most-desired skill for new project managers.
    5. Project management certification requirements will begin to dwindle in job postings.
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