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Seeking simple windows or linux script to control CD-ROM drive motor

johninbcjohninbc canadaMember Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Computer Hardware

I am experimenting with Keshe Foundation technology and find a need to turn on and off as well as control the speed of a cd rom drive motor. I am seeking a simple script (windows or linux) to spin up the motor, return the speed and change it with the keyboard. I don't need any error testing and the software can bypass door sensors, head position, disk exist and other tests. I am simply using the motor to spin up an attached apparatus. I only want to disassemble to the point where I can access the motor, but leave it on the original circuit.
Is there anyone here that can assist? My programming skills are limited and this is a bit over my head.
Thanks in advance.
John. (johncarl (at)

Oh and I will be using a older IDE drive on a USB interface, if that is important.
I can also use an Arduino Uno for the control signals, but would prefer direct control from my PC.

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