The production of the wind of ultrafine mill

In the process of xzm ultrafine mill, there is a process of separating the material, the process is the use of circulating air will be grinding after the separation of materials, the size of the wind determines the fineness of finished products, so the regulation of the wind is very Important, usually the fan speed to control the size of the wind, as long as the adjustment of the fan speed, will be able to control the size of the wind, can meet the production needs of the particle size of the finished product.

However, in the ultra-fine grinding sealing system, in addition to the existence of the circulating wind, there is the presence of the wind, the existence of the production system is very unfavorable, so in order to avoid its impact on the production, we need to find the wind The root of the resulting, and then take the solution for the solution to reduce its existence, here we are to introduce the reasons why the wind caused the problem.

In the entire package of ultra-fine milling machine in the cycle of pressure there is always a negative pressure state, here mainly refers to the equipment inlet and repair doors above the large cyclone several parts of the state is negative pressure in the In this case, if the feed port, repair doors, separators, discharge ports and piping and other parts of the phenomenon of lax when the seal will be inhaled part of the wind, and then produce the wind.

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