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Error in histogram C++ (root) code

Silviu Marian UdrescuSilviu Marian Udrescu Member Posts: 1

I have this line of code in C++ (root):

void TMTrackAnalyzer::beginJob()
edm::Service fs;

      dirs_.insert(std::pair< ObjectType, TFileDirectory* >(InputData, fs->mkdir("InputData") ) );


which basically fills a histogram, sets the range of the histogram, label and title. Actually I fill more histograms in this function, but I put here just one for simplicity. And for each of them I get these errors:

expected primary-expression before '(' token
expected primary-expression before ',' token

These refer to the ( and , before and after InputData. InputData is the directory where I want to save the histograms. Do anyone has any idea what is wrong here? Thank you!

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