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Why A/B testing is critically important for a android app design?

Nancy LamasNancy Lamas Member Posts: 2

It is undeniably a fact that now mobile users frequently switch between newly arrived android mobile apps that are almost similar in functionality and features. According to the industry experts, one of the major reasons for such behavior seems to be the availability of millions of similar apps that arrive on a daily basis on the play store but on the other hand, professional team of android app developers in Virginia also highlighted that the mobile app design also accounts a lot in keeping users engaged for longer periods.

Upon diving deeper into the various technical aspects and reasons that accounts the most for such dynamic user behavior it has been identified that now the majority of android app developers pay greater attention to the area of A/B testing phase. By engaging a defined set of test users and building multiple scenarios with different app designs and interfaces, developers have succeeded a lot in terms of bringing the most desired and appealing mobile app design.

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