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Access Page History Information & Improved Page Count Functionality of OneNote Docs using .NET

Sheraz KhanSheraz Khan Member Posts: 54

Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Note for .NET 17.8.0. This month’s release is kind of maintenance release that fixes issues reported by our valued customers. This adds to the overall stability of the API behaviour in terms of expected output. The API already supports working with pages in a Microsoft OneNote document. This month’s release enhances this functionality by fixing some issues with page count and history information. The page count information was not retrieved correctly for some use cases as identified by users. Though the issue was specific to user’s sample file, it could also affect other users who would be using documents generated by the same version of Microsoft OneNote. Aspose team has also fixed an issue with page history information retrieval feature of the API. This was identified while accessing page history information in certain cases. Fixing of both these issues further stabilizes the API functionality of working with document pages. This release also fixes certain exceptions that arise while loading variety of Microsoft OneNote documents. This was reported for specific files only and has been thoroughly investigated with all available file formats. In addition, the API has also been updated for some licensing issues faced by users. Specifically, setting GroupDocs license was not working, resulting in evaluation message on output files. This has now been taken care of. The list of new and enhanced features added in this release are given below

• Exception raised while loading the attached one note file
• API shows incorrect number of pages in the document
• Page history is not accessible
• While loading password-protected *.one file and setting the GROUPDOCS license, the document stays in not licensed state
• Optimize file size and saving time of Documents with many page versions.

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