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Any explanation help please

I'm analyzing this code but find it hard to understand the random section. Whats the purpose of this?

[code=java]public class MyClass {
public static void main(String args[]) {
String[] wordList = {"Walking", "Running", "Riding-a-bike", "Eating", "Sleeping"};
String[] wordList2 = {"I-am", "You-are", "we-are", "I'm-not", "You-can't"};
String[] wordList3 = {"House", "Work", "Theater", "Ship", "Beach"};

          int arr1Length = wordList.length;
          int arr2Length = wordList2.length;
          int arr3Length = wordList3.length;

          //dont understand this section of code
          int rand1 = (int) (Math.random() * arr1Length);
          int rand2 = (int) (Math.random() * arr2Length); 
          int rand3 = (int) (Math.random() * arr3Length);

          String phrase = wordList[rand1] + " " + wordList2[rand2] + " " + wordList3[rand3];



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