Win 95 and FindFirstFile, FindClose Functions


We have an application that runs on win95 and winnt.

we use FindFirstFile, FindNextFile and FindClose calls to perform directory searches.

Under WinNT, everything goes along fine, BUT only under win95, it looks like the File handles are not getting closed and we get EventID 2009 errors in the Event Log (Desc:"The server could not expand a table because the table reached the maximum size").

Can anyone please throw light on this matter.

Thanks in advance,



  • This is just a wild stab in the dark, but are you checking to make sure you aren't searching the "." and ".." folders with FindFirstFile and FindNextFile? If you are recursivly searching through folders without ignoring the "." and ".." folders, it would more than likely freeze your program because your code would not stop recursing.

    Hope This Helps,


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