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Problem displaying loaded images...

I can load a bitmap into an HBITMAP using LoadImage() perfectly, but then I run into trouble. I thought I understood how to use StretchBlt and BitBlt, but obviously, I do not. I have come across other errors in my help files, such as mis-spelled words and such, so that may be the case again. After I have loaded my bitmap using LoadImage(), how do I display it in a window? The window is not the same size as the bitmap, so StretchBlt will probably be needed. I tried to use the example in my BC++ help files, but they just kept grabbing variables out of thin air, such as, in the last step, they mention two structures that were never defined or mentioned above. Needless to say, those examples are about as useful as trying to get my cat to write the code, haha! Thanks for any help you can offer.



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