Access 2000 forms and VB6 code

Hey folks,

I posted this on the Visual Basic board, but nobody has responded so I thought I'd try it here. Even if this is not possible, I'd like to know that, so if there's anybody out there with an idea about this, I'd like to hear from you...even if there's no solution for me.

I have a contract to do a project with a VB6 client and a SQL Server 7 backend. The customer has already done most of the front-end forms in an Access 2000 project that creates an .adp file instead of the familiar .mdb. The .adp has no database, just front-end code for use with the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE).

The question is, can I use these Access forms in my VB6 code somehow or do I have to re-do them in VB first? i.e. How can you import Access 2000 forms into VB6?

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