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Threads within threads

Much better. Can we get out of the anaemic yellow background, too? Blue would be nice.

Even better would be an option to show all posts in a thread at once, much like other boards do. I appreciate the difficulty with the hierarchial structure, though.

Italicising or indenting quotes would be good, too (maybe with a black line down the side)... and a larger font size in the message list.


  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    Thanks for your comments.

    Regarding the colors on the pages it will be changed when I redesign the site later this year. Currently I focus on getting in the features in place.

    Showing all threads in a post at once is a feature that I am planning to add becase I know how usefull it would be.


  • SunlightSunlight Member Posts: 186
    More thoughts...
    * A bulleted list style would be nice (since I tend to write in bullet points!);
    * The default font size for code is one size too big;
    * Some indication of what message boards have been updated in the message boards overview (since I read more than one group);
    * Some boards (e.g. the C/C++ board) would benefit from a FAQ.

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