Left Mouse Button Click Errors

I am using JDK 1.3, and Mandrake Linux. The IDE that I use is Sun's Forte version 2. Heres my problem. After having used various java programs in a session, doesn't matter which one, the left mouse button takes on the actions of the right one, inside a java program. Example. I have Forte open, and I'm in the file explorer, I left click on a source file to select it and I get the pull down menu associated with the right mouse button. It does it with everything that has a right mouse button action associated with it, in essence, I can't use anything anymore. The right mouse button continues to perform the same functions, but the left mouse button is mirroring them. I've tried to reboot the machine, and it goes away sometimes, but not others. And it always inevitably comes back. I've also tried to re-install the JDK, which didn't help either. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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