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SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
I've been looking into a way to change the coordinates of a window to 50x50 (possibly change the window resolution to 50x50?), and have run across SetMapMode, SetWindowExtEx, and SetViewportExtEx. I am not sure exactly what these do, and I have tried using them to create a 50x50 coordinate system, but I may nt be doing it right. I'll post what I have below.

sizedc = GetDC(GetDlgItem(szwnd, ID_DATAVIEW));

SetMapMode(sizedc, MM_ANISOTROPIC);

SetWindowExtEx(sizedc, 50, 50, NULL);

SetViewportExtEx(sizedc, GetDeviceCaps(sizedc, LOGPIXELSX), GetDeviceCaps(sizedc, LOGPIXELSY), NULL);

ReleaseDC(GetDlgItem(szwnd, ID_DATAVIEW), sizedc);

The information in my help file uses 64x64 to simulate 1/64in in a CAD program. Maybe this is something that I don't need to use, but if anybody could help me figure out how to set up a window so that it only has 50 coordinates on both the X and Y axis, I'd appreciate it.


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