Hello All

I've seen a lot of people here trying to gather teams. Well, if you're interested in making programs, websites, games, and want to have a team under you, Floroposoft (wierd name, I know) is looking for you.

If you want to join a team and like to actually do one of the above, Floroposoft is looking for you too.

We are a company that deals with computer programming, webpage creation, and game creation. We have two to three projects underway and there are more sitting by just waiting to be done. We already have a team of 10 and the profits are project based.

What that means is this: You join a project, help make it, we sell it, and then you get a percent of the profits depending on how much you did. The profits also go right to you. The President (ME) and the VP and the people who simply lead the team DO NOT get payed. Nor do we pay for a company building because we interact over an intranet (online office I like to call it) and so you never leave your home.

This company is also very proffessional. I (as the president) take nothing but the best, and if it doesn't look proffessional, I'll make you do it again.

Now, you're probably wondering about me. I'm 17 but I make around 6,000 a month doing webpages and such. So I know what it takes to make things look pro.

We're looking for all sorts of people. Go to our site (http://floroposoft.topcities.com) and look under hiring. The site REALLY sucks but I wasn't the one who did it so don't blame me... :). We're working on the site right now.

Anyways, go there, and then e-mail me at [email protected] OR [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

President of Floroposoft

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