ANN: HawkNL 1.4 beta 1

HawkNL version 1.4 beta is now available for download. HawkNL is a game
oriented, low level, network API released under the GNU Library General Public
License (LGPL), with support for Unix (Linux, Solaris) and Windows

New for version 1.4 beta 1:
Support for Mingw32 compiler on Windows.
Simpler socket code. Eliminated special broadcast and multicast functions.
nlPollGroup now has a ms time-out, or it can be full blocking.
nlConnect now supports non-blocking connects.
NL error messages are now provided per thread to more fully support
multithreaded apps.
Added compiler option for native Windows threads or pthreads.
Added nlHint to access advanced network settings.

Go to the HawkNL page at for the latest
information, and to download the full source
code, Windows binaries, or the HTML doc files.

Phil Frisbie, Jr.
Lead Developer, Hawk Software

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