I know this isnt inside Programing message board but...
I would like to know if anyone could aswer, what is the best solution to make my own compiler like Tpascal, C you know just for having a idea... Hope anyone could help me with this litle problem...

Sorry for my english i am from Portugal...


  • Well, to write a compiler is a VERY serious task. Sometimes, big teams of programmers do that, but hey, good luck, man!
    It is not that simple:

    1. You have to parse the source code into tokens
    2. You map the tokens on the token map and
    3. You get the machine code for every map entry
    4. You build the EXE file using these pieces of code

    Every one of these steps is a huge task by itself...
    Better start reading some books on how to create compilers...


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