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Damn you Borland!

DanTheRockerDanTheRocker Member Posts: 95
In Borland, I am attempting to compile some directX 8.0 stuff that I got from Microsoft's web site. Under the Options/Project
It allows me to specify the directory for the includes and libs. Good ol Borland only allows you to use one directory of includes and not two at a time. I need to use the standard libarays like in the borland directory, AND the includes in the DirectX SDK directory. Do I have to write out the full file name of every directx include i'm using or is borland just hiding the solution from me?

VC++ allows me to overcome this problem easily, but sadly i dont have a copy right now.


  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Member Posts: 6,519
    Have you tried this?

  • DanTheRockerDanTheRocker Member Posts: 95
    : Have you tried this?
    : c:folder1dir1;d:folder2dir2;e:folder3dir3
    Good work!
    It works....better.

    I'm wondering now why i get an odd error. Im using Tutorial 2 in the Directx sdk. To be specific:DirectX SDKsamplesMultimediaDirect3DTutorialsTut02_Vertices

    All I've done is created a project and added the one source file to it. When I compile i get a linker error:

    Info :Linking D:DirectX SDKsamplesMultimediaDirect3DTutorialsTut02_Verticesverticies.exe
    Error: Error: Unresolved external 'Direct3DCreate8' referenced from D:DIRECTX SDKSAMPLESMULTIMEDIADIRECT3DTUTORIALSTUT02_VERTICESVERTICES.OBJ[/code]

    What do I have to do to fix this?

  • AlienripperAlienripper Member Posts: 133
    I don't know about Borland, but with MSVC++ that error means you haven't included right libraries..

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