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ASP programmers: make money!

plugintoolsplugintools Member Posts: 10

I'm looking for ASP/SQL programmers to make website tools like mailing lists, autoresponders, member management software and so on. I'm setting up a new website where these tools will be sold. I don't pay you a one-time fee, you get paid 50% of each sale. Are you an expert on ASP programming and you think you're the programmer I'm looking for? PLease apply! Be aware: This will be a long-term contract, so you're monthly income can raise and you will be insured of a good income. I'm a marketer, I know how to sell products. If you think you are an expert in PHP/SQL and CGI programming too, please note that in your email. If you have interest for the job, or want more information, please mail me at: [email protected]?SUBJECT=ASP programmer . Include in your mail your expertises and previous work (if you have)
I hope to hear from you soon and I'm looking forward to working with you!


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