Making a device to use the parallel port

Okay, i can make a device that works up to the point that i want to send the data to the parallel port.

basically this device is nothing more than a few buttons and a fader + ADC and some logic gates. i basically want to send the 'state' of the buttons (1 pin per button) and the fader (8 pins).

I don't want any 'lag' on the fader and buttons (i'm not anticipating too much on the side of the buttons) that's why i need a contiuous feed (while the faders moving at least).

i can set the pins i need to high and decode it in the software or driver.

what do i need to do? is it simply drivers? or do i need to do all this, set the RLSD pin high and DRC low and only THEN it can send data 1 bit at a time, and all that junk that i've read about. if so are there any chips which'll do most of that work for me? do you know another way to do what i need.

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