Adult MMORPG Game in Development Looking for Potential Candidates/Part

We are Currently in the very beginning stages of working on a Multimedia

Mass Multiplayer SciFi, RPG, Adult Game, before pitched/business plan. We

are looking for potential candidates whom are moderate/experience


,WEB DEVELOPERS whom are serious about helping to make a very great and

profitable game, and wishing to go some where in the gaming Business. We

are looking for you to collaborate with us on this Game. Please Send us a

portfolio of some of your works, in zip format through email or send

webpage with your info. For Musicians please send 3 music files in zip

format through email or send webpage with your info.

(NOTE: This is not a direct paying position at this time.
This would be solely a Freelance contract. If we use any materials we

collaborate on with you on an end product that has made profit depending

on how our merchandise sales go, you would recieve establish credit,

royalites by contract and or recieve payment if Game idea is Bought with

use of your materials/ or you will be given a position with the new

established Gamming Company/or partnership. You will sign and NDA

agreement and other contracts. There will be Development Teams Site for

groups to work in on Lycos club, to help development game. They will meet

every two weeks. The Groups will also Meet twice a month on Major

Development Site. These are work at home posistions. The following

positions need to be filled.

Team formations:
1. Programming Team:
Lead Programmer Director:
Lead Coder Director:
Lead Networker Director:
Program Team workers:

2. Graphics Teams:
Lead Graphics Director:
Assistant Graphics Director:
Graphics Team workers:

3. Music Team:
Lead Music Director: (CD Sore)
Lead Sound Tech:
Musician/Vocal Team Workers:

4. Web Development Team:
Assistant Web Manager:
Lead Researcher:
Web Development Team Workers:

5. Creative Concepts/ World Building Team:
Assistant CC/WB Manager:
CC/WB Team:

6. Research Team:
Assistant Research manager:
Research Team:

For more info Please contact.


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