We at "SHOWTIME ENTERTAINMENT" are looking for small time game developers that are lookingfor a start in the video game industry. We all want to sell our games to big name, console,
companies, but face it they have there own teams and won't let us see the light of day. The only gamer developers they look at are the big companies that already are very established. What if you get lucky and you do sell or get royalties from a top console or computer company, being that you are not established yet, you will probably only get about 20 percent of the
profits anyway so you really don't win at all. At "SHOWTIME ENTERTAINMENT" we beleive that the people who do the most work should get the most pay which is YOU! Our rates are extremely low!! How does $10 a month sound? Like nothing when your making $600 or more.
WHAT WE DO IS: find customers for you!
Trust me you will make more $$$$ and spend less time with all that marketing buisness.

Contact me at [email protected] (Put VG RESPONSE in the subject column)

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