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How can I detect connection loss on a socket?


I'm developing a C/S application using WINNT. My problem is, that
I need to detect, when a socket connection gets broken. Somehow,
Win2k manages to notice this event and sends a close to all open
sockets. NT however does not do this. In the MS KB (Q140325) I found
that it is possible to set a socket to send keepalive packets
after a certain idle time on a socket. I also changed the idle time
value in the registry to 10 secs, but it does not work. I don't get
any event signalling the connection breakdown. When I do a
'getsockopt()' to find out whether SO_KEEPALIVE is really set on
the socket in question, it tells me, that it is set.

Has anyone an idea of what I did wrong. Does anyone know which
event the OS will send, in case a keepalive packet is not ack'ed?

All help will be greatly appreciated!


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