Elan E12B programmer Module E4 wanted

I am hoping to locate either an Elan E4 module to program 8748/9 microcontrollers or a circuit of same or even details of the control signals from the 25 pin parallel bus connection.
I have the manual on the E12B programmer giving some of the bus connections but those to the external modules are not listed. I have an E7 module for 8051s which works OK. I have used an HP logic analyser to look at the bus when programming a non exsistant 8049H and believe Ive identified most of the control signals EA,RESET,VDD,VPP for example but can't find how the upper address lines to P20-P22 are generated or how the lower address and data is latched. Even the loan of an E4 for scrutiny and return undamaged would help. Any other modules for this programmer would be of interest to me also.

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