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looking for a good compiler (c / c++)

Well I know this sounds newbie but I am using visual c++ and
it looks like it doesn't fit quite well with 3d programming.
(btw..I am probably wrong with this).

Well to tell the truth I am a newbie in 3d programming
and graphic with c++ ....
I have only done some txt proggys at school in c++ with VC++
and now I want to go a bit higher!
well.......where should I start from the very beginning, from
the prog to write the prog to the one to compile!

Hope you guys will help me out cause I really want to
start in this.......

We all have to start somewhere in the demo scene!


  • {F}reezeR{F}reezeR Member Posts: 3
    well.......I just wanted to ad to my last msg!

    I know that visual c++ would be good but what are the stuf to put?

    Do I make a simple console application and add some source files or is there an other
    format that I must use?

    This is probably why my stuff doesn,t work well!


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