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We are currently seeking talented individuals to fill the following positions:

Media Developer
Portal Manager
File Portal Manager
Tech Specialist
Content Provider/News Editor
Forum Moderator

Please take the time to read the job descriptions fully before applying. We need extremely dedicated individuals to help flesh out our team and make us a success. This doesn't mean you need to have prior experience although it helps . We're looking for people with talent who are willing to work hard. If you think that is you then read on and click the apply tab next to the job you're interested in.

Alliances and Partnerships
We’re currently seeking partnerships and strategic alliances with small content sites globally. If you feel you’ve got something to add to our network send your idea along. This doesn’t mean we’re going to entertain every submission or give out,"freee web space 4 your klan since you guys are numbr 150 on cpl and you have loots of friends and stuff " Send along serious propositions only! We will respond to those submissions that fit our vision.

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