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how to write an e-mail-sending-programm in C?


i would really say that i have a quite nice foundation

of how to programm "C". Currently I'm using Microsoft

Visual C. (quite good stuff from microsoft,or?).

But my latest question is how to write an e-mail-sending programm. What are POP3-servers and the other

stuff? Do you know how to programm it, using either

the MFC or the WIN32-API?





  • I suggest you learn about how the pop3 server works before trying to code a client.

    I would recommend downloading the RFC, and reading it(them) to get a bit of a background. mess about with it, even download qpopper (an open source pop3 server for Unix..)

    check out for pop3 clients and servers. a warning to you, a client is not an easy task.

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