Delphi - Using sound to save data...


I wonder if I can use a analogue sound recorder/player (tape recorder, minidisc, vhs and so on) to save data? Not directly, of course, but my idea is to read text files, and then use the sound card to generate tones or frequenzy changes, and then record these (encode). And then play the tones or freq. changes for the sound card (decode).

Encode: Txt-file -> ASCII-to-Hertz-application -> Sound card (Line Out) -> Recorder

Decode: Player -> Sound card (Line In) -> Hertz-to-ASCII-application -> Txt-file

I've been programming since 97, mostly in windows (using vb and then delphi... also c++), but I do not have so much knowledge about sound (mci?) in windows, or sound in general.

Can this work?
Is it possible?
Is it hard?

feeeeeeeeedback :)

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