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Accessing the QuickTime frame buffer

kreitlerkreitler Member Posts: 218
I'm working on an app that creates animated texture maps from QuickTime movies. Our graphics system is all home-brewed, so using QTVR isn't really an option. I just want to read in the .MOV file, advance through it, and copy the data from each frame into a buffer.

In other words, we're using QuickTime strictly as in import format, and nothing more.

I've spent a couple of days trying to load the movie, create its GWorld, advance through its frames, retrieve its HBITMAP, and copy the DIBits to a memory buffer. So far, I can't advance through the frames (the various "interestingTime" calls recognize only the start of the movie and not subsequent frames). Nor can I retrieve the DIBits successfully--calls to GetPortHBITMAP return a reference to a bitmap with 0 width and 0 height.

I'd appreciate any help on these problems.


Mark Kreitler


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