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Windows low-level (system) programming and/or driver development

borrborr Member Posts: 1
Our company provide off-shore software development and consulting.

We are a competitive team of highly skilled developers with strong competence in low-level and system programming and experience in international projects.

We offer NT/W2K/XP/W9x system and core level development

The following list describes our areas of experience:
- NT/W9x Device Drivers (for new and existing hardware)
- - WDM Drivers for both NT and W9x platforms
- - programmed I/O device drivers
- - busmaster DMA device drivers
- - SCSI miniport drivers
- Filter Drivers (adds functionality to existing drivers)
- - disk filter drivers
- - file System filter drivers
- - network packet drivers
- Embedded NT programming
- System tricks (patching, reverse engineering, etc.)

Also we are dealing with developing customized software by using Visual C++, Win32 API, MFC/ATL, DCOM, COM+, OLE DB, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

If you could be interested in our services, you are welcome.

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