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Hey everyone, well - my problem is not really a coding problem but a guidance problem. I'm 17 and have been an active programmer for quite some time. I at best rate myself as an intermediate level programmer(All self-taught out of books). One of my problems does not seem to be the knowledge, but guidance. I live in a really small town and when I took a C++ class in high-school I could teach the teacher more than she could help me. So it was of no use. I'm looking for a relatively experianced programmer who would be willing to trade ICQ's/Emails/MSN's, whatever and discuss different techniques and answer questions for me. It would be highly appreciated and of course, when I am of the level, I will pass on what that person has taught me. Thanks!


  • I don't know C/C++, but I have programmed in VB and Java for a few years, and have done a lot of work in algorithm development. As well, in my previous programming course I was assigned the role of class mentor, and continue to do so via e-mails. If this will help you at all, then send me an e-mail to yizkman@yahoo.com.
    I can help you with proper design of programs, various programming techniques, and developing algorithms.

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  • Hi , i might help you with some source code & advices , if i can , but i don't have to much time .
    Anyway , mail me , and we'll talk !

    my email : beastmaster@xnet.ro

  • We are all ready to help you however we can if we are in a position to do so :-). All you have to do is ask :-).

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