It was the year 1995 I got my first ever computer at the age of 8...The Amiga 600
This Machine Inspired me...How Did they make the spaceships move?...
Unfortunately the old dear started giving up...but Luck was at hand
I purchased a playstation with confirmation money.
This new machine amzed me...It excited me...Final Fantasy 7..This was a game which the thaught of how it could be made just terrified me
last yar I started Hacking...I got a couple of jobs off companies who aske me to hack their systems...It paid ok
Then I decided it was tim to do what i always wanted to do...
a couple of months ago I downloaded QuickBasic 4.5 from the internet,along with shedloads of Tutorials,Pixel makers like qbdraw
Now Ii have just completed my first real game.Hack simulator.
However It isnt Quite Finished as i am toying with the Idea of putting rolling credits at the end (See Download section)
anyway thats my story I hope it was Interesting.
Be Cool


  • Very interesting. It's funny to see what we were doing years ago, since computers change so fast.

    My first computer (that I owned, not that I had used) was 4K RAM, .7 Mhz, floppy only, no HD.

    I learned BASIC as my second language (fortran the first). If you need help on QB 4.5, you should post to the BASIC messageboard here. There are many people there that would like to help.

    Have fun coding!


  • Ah there is nothing like the old stuff, coding something not far from spagetti basic on a tiki 100 or something. I just got a 386 at my office, IBM 4megs of ram, and good old basica.

    It's actually a "portable" computer, with a real orange-black led display. is that cool or what?


  • Apparently they are bringing out a new Amiga next year.This will be either
    1.Nothing more than a mac
    2.Nothing compared to any of the others on the market
    3.The same as everything else and pretty much a windows emulator
    As it was my first computer and i loved it to bits (even when my mam gave it to a nun...long story...Damn orphanans)I would love the answer to be 4.
    Thank you both for your nice replies
    keep it real

  • : As it was my first computer and i loved it to bits

    8 or 16 bits?


  • :
    : : As it was my first computer and i loved it to bits
    : 8 or 16 bits?
    : :)
    I would say: one should always go for the Double Word 8)

  • Hehehe...probably 8 cant remember...

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