Java prgrammer

I am senior in university major in computer science.My proficient skill are Web development technology,network security and object oriented programming.I have worked as freelancer at the leading web development company in thailand so I had ever implement web based application
for websites of many company.I experience network security and cryptograhy technique with my senior project.
My senior project is about Biometrics Payment .I work with security part which I design overall network system
and security methodology.My major programming language is Java .
As last semester I have many free time so I want to find part time jobs which I can work at home. My enclosed resume provides more detail on my qualification

Experience :
- develop ASP script on websites
- develop CGI/perl script on websites

Skill :
Programming language
Java excellent
ASP good
CGI/perl good
C++ fair
PHP fair
HTML excellent
DHTML good
Proficient Technology
Encryption algorithm
Security analysis
J2EE platform
- Servlet
JMF(Java media framework)
Java security
Java swing
Java awt

database design ( Relation database / Object oriented database )
- Oracle
- Mysql
- MS access

Developer Software
Borland Jbuider 5.0 enterprise edition
Sun Forte for java 2.0

Nacha C.


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