TI 83 plus

I have a program I am writing on a TI 83 plus. Is it possible to create nested if else statements and what would be the syntax? I have code similar to this:

:if (varialble =1)
:x => 29
:if (variable =2)
:x => 3
:if (variable =3)
:x => 2
:if (variable =4)
:x => 53

What I want to happen is once one of these tests are true I would like to skip the rest of the tests. This is buggung the hell out of me because the code is inside a loop in my program and is really slowing it down. It would be easy to fix with C++ but as far as I can tell, on the TI 86 you can only have one else statement. Any help is appreciated. I am going to try to find a site devoted specifically to TI 83 programming,


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