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Calling multiple XSL for one XML-Urgent

ashwinashwin Member Posts: 2
1) I have a standard format of XML. Depending on the type(Defined on an attribute), I wish to call different XSLs. Is it possible. I am using Xalan. This way I can store a lot of complexity from one XSL to multiple XSLs. Is there an alternative. Like being able to call Java functions. And doing the same.

2) Also I tried to return HTML tages from java functions. But for tages with < and > its replaced by < and >. How can I overcome this


  • OverflowOverflow Member Posts: 12
    I have one XML document and multiple of XSL files, and I can associate one XSL file with this XML file using

    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="file.xsl"?>

    and I need to link some other XSL files with this XML file

    any idea??
  • Raf.BRRaf.BR Member Posts: 4
    Try the xsl elements:


    Note that the tag is a child of

    This webpage has a few simple examples:

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