Freelance Programmer 4 Hire

Contact: [email protected]
Location: Los Angeles

- Extremely/Very familiar with: C/C++, BASIC, HTML/CSS (Web Design/Dev), MS Office, Windows platforms, Video.

- Varying familiarity with: Win32 API, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes), OWL (Object Windows Library), Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, SQL, UNIX platforms, DOS graphics programming

- Have had exposure to various other things such as Assembler (x86), Prolog, OpenGL, Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms.

- Development platforms (varying levels of familiarity): Visual C++ (used: 6.0), Borland C++ Builder (used: 3.0), Visual Basic (used: 6.0), Forte', + Text Editors :-)

- Absolved higher math classes: Calculus & Statistics.

Do you want something I haven't listed? Contact me about it.

Willing and able to learn now API's or platforms per job. I'll do, more or less, whatever is necessary if I take a contract. Contact me today and send me some details about your project.

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