Snake in delphi ?


I new to delphi and like to learn object orinted programming.

As a first application i like to develop a snake-game.

Can anybody give me some good idea's ?

Like how can you let the snake run, while you still have to check if any arrowkeys are pressed.

kind regards Sneeze


  • Hi.
    I don't have a clue of Delphi, but the procedure is the same in all games.

    To be honest, you cannot move and run at the same time, (well unless you have more then 1 CPU ).
    The way that you would do it, is by doing one operation, then the next. The computer will be fast enough, so that the user thinks that they are both mappening at the same time. Do it like so. I will use pseudo code to explain since I dont have a clue of delphi


    initialise variables for game

    wait for user input to start game

    while ( player is alive )

    move player

    check players status ( ie. is the snake still alive )

    check for user input and apply to the sname

    draw background

    draw snake





    Hope this helps, if not keep on posting

    The Giant
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