Applet/JavaScript access denied exception, won't initialize

i'm attempting to make a version of conway's "game of life" using an embedded applet and a javascript GUI. i can get my applet to initialize in the JDK "applet viewer" when i don't have any references to the javascript in the code, but when i put in any of the lines in red starting with:
[italic]JSObject mainWindow = JSObject.getWindow(this);[/italic]
to begin making references to the javascript objects, i get the following error message:
[b] access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessClassInPackage.netscape.javascript ) ...[/b]. It goes on for awhile, I'll write the whole thing if it helps.
Here is the beginning of my java code (the part that is giving me trouble)...
[code][color=0000CC]import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import netscape.javascript.*;

public class LifeSim extends Applet {
[color=DD0000]JSObject mainWindow = JSObject.getWindow(this);
JSObject cells = (JSObject) mainWindow.eval("document.cells");[/color]

private final int CELLS = [color=DD0000]Integer.parseInt((String cells.eval("value") );[/color]

public boolean[] booleanBoard = new boolean[CELLS*CELLS];
private boolean[][] board = new boolean[CELLS][CELLS];
private int[][] neighbors = new int[CELLS][CELLS];

public void init() {
LifeSim life = new LifeSim();
if i remove the parts in red, and give a value to CELLS, it initializes just fine, but i NEED to be able to communicate with the javascript or it's useless...any ideas??

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