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Problems running Pascal on FAT32

eamonn molloyeamonn molloy Member Posts: 1
Has anyone experienced problems running turbo pascal 7 programs on computers running windows 98, FAT32 with hard disk capacity greater than 8M.? GPF errors are being encountered after a normal shut down of windows. If the pc is reset so that scandisk runs then this overcomes the GPF errors. Can anyone help on this ?.


  • Sand_Hawk9Sand_Hawk9 Member Posts: 233
    Try to run scandisk on you're disk. When I programmed Pascal on my old Pc(Amd k6-2 333 with 20 Gb HDD FAT32) I never encountered this problem. Tips:

    - Never lay down a cell phone on you're pc. It messes with you're HDD(At least mine does)
    - Reguraly scnadisk/defrag you're disk
    - Down throw you're pc out of a window or through the room.

    Sand Hawk
    Member of the Stupid Coders

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  • stevesteve Member Posts: 43
    Are you certain this is a BP7 induced problem?
    I ran a similar setup, early version of BP7 with w98, and later wdoze98SE, on >8GB partitions for a number of years. Does the problem occur even if you merely enter and exit BP7? Are you reading/writing large files? I doubt if I got anywhere near the individual file limit.
    Does it only occur for one IDE or one target? I mainly used the windows IDE, real mode or windows target.
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