its kinda late to be specific but......

i got this mathematical program it finds some things(areas,cross products etc..) after some iterations(specified by the user, the more the are the more precise result bla bla).Now the thing is that each value was saved in a linked list and the user can go up to i think 16000 steps(iterations)but anyway i dont know this number was set i think it has to do with heap memory.The usual error when i go beyond that nb is heap overflow error.Ok up to now i could live with that.
Then when i started putting more difficult functions,calculations bla bla stack overflow error came up with even much fewer steps(iterations). that was the Godamnit#1

To solve that (cause it was pissing me off) i just used {$S-}
but now i new error comes Floating point overflow. Godamnit#2
In this case i dont know what to do i tried reading the help of my pascal but i didnt understand a shit. I know the numbers are to small and all but the i dont think just messing with the coprocessor switch will save the day ({$N+} didnt help to be more specific)__fpmath__Win87EmInfo__Win87EmRestore__Win87EmSave

i think those have something to do with the case but i dont how to use 'm

IF u read that far U RULEEEEEE M8
anyway thanx if u read it and if u can give me any clues on the subject.


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