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how to add chat service to my site

DantyDanty Member Posts: 322
Hi, I want to add a chatroom to my website. I need the chatroom to block swearings and kick users that use bad language. Where can I get java code for chatrooms? I know how to program in java, c, but I'm not expert. Any reference would be great,

thanks in advance.


  • ManishManish Member Posts: 119


    There are many chat programs readily available, which you can put on your site and use. But first of all, do you really want a Java chat room? That'd mean that your target is limited to users with Java-enabled browsers, and that too will take a little while (usually) to load. It is always recommended to use a chat room that allows users to choose between Java version or plain HTML version of chat.

    Also, what backend platform are you working on? Does your server support CGI/PHP/Perl (required for HTML chat) ? If yes, then there are *lots* of programs freely available for chat, and I can give you my recommendations here.

    Also, if your server supports JSP (Java Server Pages), then there is an excellent chat program (free for non-commercial sites) available at

    Reply back if you want a pure Java chat program only...or your server supports PHP/Perl,etc. I have tried out some of the good ones on these platforms... :)


    Check out Internet Development forum at

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