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Flash with Access Database

In my project i have to design a site in which i want to use a Access Database (*.mdb). Its basically a site for a Automobile Dealers in with i have to set a Searching Engine type thing on which you type a name of a car and the page of that car comes which lies in the database. like the way in every searching engine. I am really in trouble to find the exact code of this type of thing. I want to put also the sorting method in that. That we can search by Model,by Color,by Name of the Car etc..
I want to use Flash as a interface designing and use that searching engine in that. I want to know the Scripting in that. Plz help me in that matter. I shall be very thankful. I read the Article Integrating Flash with Access Database. But in that matter i have to link the pages in the searching engine.


  • dinobeedinobee Member Posts: 12
    Not sure this is much help as it's a bit vague, but all the db searches I have done have been via a db search CGI of some sort. Mainly written in Vignette, Perl or SQL. I.e Flash sends a request to the CGI, the CGI executes the search, compiles a results string and returns it to the flash movie (all done via LoadVariables). Flash can't directly search the database, so you need the middle-man CGI to help out.

    Probably not much you didn't know there, but you never know...

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