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I am not sure I am posting this in the right place. I will be posting it in the DOS area as well.

I am working with an application that is running on Windows NT, but it wants to use short 8.3 file names. I need to able to convert a long filename to a short file name myself, to match a potentially existing file on a another server. I read about the basic 8.3 algorithm on the MSDN network, but that doesn't seem to apply here, because there is a twist.

The other server is an AIX server that the NT box is accessing via Samba. So instead of the standard ~ and sequential counter to determine the short file name, I am getting names that are a bit different. For example :

Long File Short File
1673-2LCS.opc 1673-~RD.opc
200229-1MS.opc 20022~4J.opc
200229-1MSD.opc 20022~J5.opc

My application has the long file name, but I don't have the short file name. This particular application has its own macro language through which I have written the code to copy the file from the AIX server to a WIN2K server. I would like to duplicate the short file name algorithim in the macro if possible.

Has anyone ever encountered a similar situation and have they determined the naming algorithim?

I may consider writing a VB application that can be launched from the macro. The application whould be able to get the short file name or use the long name.

If I am not posting to the right board please let me know and direct me accordingly.

Thanks for the help.


  • I dont know the exact formula Windows uses for conversion. But there's an API that does exactly that: GetShortPathName
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