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Displaying a dialog box before the game starts

MoRBiDMoRBiD Member Posts: 10
I want the player to be able to enter his name and i thoght the best way would be to display a dialog box right before the game starts that takes the player name. The problem is the order of the code:

initiate direct x
show window
enter message loop

this means that when the game is in the message loop dx has already taken over the system. How do i make it display the dialog box and then enter dx as soon as the name i recieved?


  • IllcoIllco Member Posts: 382
    Within DX there is support for GDI dialogs etc. Consult the docs, but I believe it is FlipToGDISurface() before you initate the DialogBox. In de SDK is an example of a dialog box within DX.
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