inserting an image in a Stylesheet table

I have an XML database wich I display using an xsl stylesheet.
the Database consists of Names and adresses of our employees. I'd like to include a picture of every employee in the table. I used the following code to setup the stylesheet:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Achternaam Voornaam Adres PC en Woonplaats Tel. werk Tel. Prive Tel. Mobiel E-mail

Now I have a directory named pic wich contains the Pictures of My employees. I named them after their usernames so every picturename is unique. I can get the name of the picture by inserting the following code in the table:
but I don't want to insert the name of the picture but the picture itself.

[size=4]My question is:[/size]
How can I insert the image in this table?
It would be something like this:
but how do I get the value of into the variable username ???

Hope anyone can help me...

mailto:[email protected]
the Netherlands...

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