Need help with CLASSES


i have a little problem. I want to know if it's able to handle with constructurs like in c++. And if it's possible please tell me how i (or the compiler) can create the constructur....

Thx Omikron


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    Yes, look up Type Statement in the MSDN. Type's are VB's equivilent to structs.

    Private Type Record
    ID As Long
    First As String
    Last As String
    Products() As String
    End Type
    Sub Main()
    Dim MyRecord As Record
    MyRecord.ID = 10
    MyRecord.First = "Silent"
    MyRecord.Last = "Rage"
    ReDim MyRecord.Products(10) As String
    End Sub

    I think ya got the idea. :)

  • sorry... my foult... i ment CONSTRUCTOR :)

    But thx for ur answer....
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