Altering stubborn grid row heights

OK, I know this probably sounds dumb, but if I change the default row height of a stringgrid (so that it's big enough to hold say four lines), but I don't want to change the first row (which is fixed and has the column titles in it) how do I do that???

I tried to make a few rows fixed and then using the handles to drag it back to a smaller height, but it won't let me do that. I am completely bamboozled. I don't want to have two stringgrids (one with just the titles that is the normal height, and then another which is the bigger grid) so anyone got any ideas? It would by muchly appreciated.

Thank you,


  • Hah - while I'm at it I thought I should lumber all my problems on you guys:

    How do I validate specific cells in a stringgrid? I know it's going to be something dead simple, but hey.

    Also, is there any way that I can connect a list box to a stringgrid, so that you select an item in the list box, and the selected text is transferred (copied, rather) into a specific stringgrid cell??

    The last thing is the stupidest. I know I can use the maskedit function to act as a sort of validation (i.e. give an example of data format to be entered,) but I fundamentally don't get HOW I can do a personalised (for want of a better word; you know, something that's unique to what you're doing) maskedit box.

    PLEASE help...this is killing me...

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