CreatePatternBrush in 95/98

Hi all, is there a way to create a brush in 95/98 that's more than 8 by 8 in size and has more than 8 bpp?

Your help is much appreciated.


  • According to the documentation I have, a brush larger than 8x8 cannot be created under Windows 95, but it can under 98 and 2000.

    Im not sure about the 8 bpp thing, If you can get a bitmap that has greater than 8 bpp into the HBITMAP it might work. If I come acrost anything more I'll be sure to post it or e-mail it.

    Hope this helps,


  • Yup you are right, Thanks! no problem creating a brush from a 24 bpp HBITMAP in 95.

    Ive developed this project under NT, was too stupid to read the docs carefully and now I'm in trouble. My project relies heavily on brushes bigger than 8*8 and everything I tried to make it work in 95 failed.. Maybe I should delay the release a couple of years till everyone is using 2000 :)

    Thanks for your time.

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