Brief-like text editor for Linux?

Having spent most of my professional career using DOS, I've become really attached to Borland's Brief 3.1. Now that I do most of my work in GNU/Linux, I'd really like to find an editor as much like Brief as possible. Does anyone know of one, other than Crisp?

I've downloaded the demo version of Crisp, which purports to be a Brief clone, but the damned thing doesn't run. I'm not about to shell out hard cash when their demo won't even run. I'm willing to pay for a working Brief clone, but only if it really emulates Brief.

TIA for any info,


  • It may take abit of getting used to, but really, if your doing programming work then VIM is your best choice as a free editor.

    You can get it from

    Sorry, i know you wanted one like brief but just incase you never tried VIM i thought ide recommend it :)

  • It's called nedit ( for Nirvana Text Editor, and it's appropriately named. Has all the functionality of Brief (at least all that I use), and more! Syntax highlighting, etc.

    Highly recommend it.

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