I found a great site with a free Medical Transcription course

I came across this site while I was doing research

on becoming a medical transcriptionist. I could not

believe my luck when it dawned on me that it was

free. See for yourself. Pass the word along, things

like this don't come along to often.

Go To : http://www.homeworkers.org/vlc/Medical_Transcription_101.htm


  • Listen up you stupid trollop!!! In case you didn't notice, this is PROGRAMMERS HEAVEN'S JOB SITE. Get the point genius??? See any reference to "medical" in that title you brainless tramp???

    Why make up the little story to give your lame site a plug? The site sucks by the way.

    Aren't medical transcriptionists mostly grossly overweight house fraus lacking in social skills that choose to work at home because they are embarassed to drag their hulking mass into the real world? Or choose to "work" from home because they can simultaneously plug their ample pie holes constantly while watching similarly talentless and brainless "celebreties" like Rosie O'Donnell and Oprah?

    I'm surprised you put down the doughnuts long enough to even type your post. Or perhaps you typed with one of your hooves while maintaining that bovine physique by shoving yet another cupcake into that vacuum located just beneath your nose.

    Please stay away from this board in the future and try to get rid of some girth via some exercise like maybe -- housework??? If you dropped a few rolls of flab and the stench of the cheese that grows within them, maybe you could squeeze your fat ass out into the real world and find a job. Like maybe at the circus. Tents don't have doors so you won't get stuck and at least you'll get paid when people laugh/puke at your immensity.

    All I can say is MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to you!

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